Price list
Rates for advertisements placement at
Banners serve an important purpose of supporting direct sales, establishing associations between a destination or certain type of tourist product and a tour operator and brand promotion.
The most prestigious banners at

The right-hand side banner at the homepage (A18) is placed in the first window right below the header of the website. Sold only exclusively.

Bonus – an additional banner in the mailing list of BIRZHA offers, size 252x252

$1500 a week

The lower bar at the homepage (A20) – a general banner for all the site pages. It gives you a maximum reach of the site audience.

$1000 a week if the space is shared with another advertiser
(1/2 dynamic mode), $1800 if occupied exclusively.

Best banners for sales support at

The biggest banners of TourDom (C18 and C19) are placed above the search field at BIRZHA

Everyone who visits BIRZHA looking for an attractive offer sees them in the first place.

$2350 a month in the ½ dynamic mode, $4200 a month exclusive mode

The banner in the header of BIRZHA (C1) – a more economical way of presenting your company in the first window of the section dedicated to sales.

$1200 a month in the 1/3 dynamic mode and $3200 a month in the exclusive mode.

Terms of getting a discount for a banner
Ordering a banner advertisement which costs:
$3,000-5,000 – 5% off
$5,000-7,000 – 7% off
$7,000-10,000 – 10% off
Above $10,000 – 15% off
More information about banners at you'll find here:
— Put the most important information in the focus – special conditions of purchase, uniqueness of your offer, originality, etc.;
— Don't make the banner too overloaded with text;
— Use a call for action;
— Change banners at least once a week – even the most awesome of them can get habitual
from Helen Komarova, Head of the Commercial Department of BANKO Service
"How to make a banner highly efficient"
News formats
News publications at can help you establish and keep contact with touristic retail, inform your partners of campaigns, familiarization trips, attractive offers of tours, tickets, etc.

Placed right below the site header, text size up to 2,000 characters, one picture. After placement the announcement is stored in the archive of Kopilka section (money-box).

Announcement at the homepage, duration of display – one day.


Announcement in Tourism News or Kurilka sections (smoking room), duration of display – two days


For constant partners we offer a bonus for choosing this format – posting a link to the announcement on TourDom's Facebook page which has over 20,000 subscribers.

Companies' News

News can be found at the eponymous section at the homepage of TourDom. Text size – up to 1200 characters, duration of display – one day, then moved to the archive. News announcement in the form of an active link is included in the mailing list of over 20,000 people.


Newsfeed – several news articles of a company combined in one feed starting from the most recent one. The feed is placed at the priority position before all the companies' news.

Terms of getting a discount for announcements and companies' news
10% discount for instant payment for six or more issues
— Put most important things first. The first paragraph should express the point of the message in one-two sentences;
— No abstraction – stick to the point!
— Value of the news for the reader should be comprehensible from the headline and subheader;
— Choose pictures with large images for illustration and remember – human faces attract more attention than objects.

From Jane Shmarina, account manager of the Commercial Department of BANKO Service
"How to make as many people as possible read your news"
Education and communication
Not only do online broadcasts, webinars and trainings allow you to share your information about the tourist product and technological novelties, but they also ensure that your company gets feedback from the retail.
Online broadcasts

Moderated chat in the most well-read section of the website – Kurilka forum. Dialogue period – three hours, 12.00 to 15.00 at the day of the broadcast. The volume of information in the chat is unlimited, you can add photos, videos, charts. After the broadcast the chat is closed and remains in a special section with an opportunity of access at any time. The broadcast is announced at the homepage of TourDom.



Webinar time: 12.00 – 14.30. The number of participants – up to 500. A webinar is conducted and stored as a record in the educating section "Class".

The prices are relevant if the participating company invites listeners through a mailing list of its own. If otherwise, a surcharge of 30% is added.

Resources of, mailing lists and social media pages of the outlet are used for webinars promotion. You can choose one of four webinar packs: Lite, Maxi, Best and Cool which differ in intensity of promotion:

Lite – $170, Maxi – $300, Best – $450, Cool – $540


Trainings are educating online tests placed in Class section. Additional promotion through announcements in Kurilka forum. Test duration – one month. In the end the author company gets a database of training finalists with their contacts.

One training –$350
Terms of getting a discount for educating formats
10% for ordering three or more positions.
— Not only a relevant topic, but also the personality of an expert matters for online broadcasts and webinars;
— The earlier we start announcing a webinar, the more participants it will gather;
— Attractivity of prizes at training is directly correlated with the number of those willing to take part in it. And complexity of questions – with the number of finalists: the easier the training, the longer list of contacts you'll get as an outcome.
From Tatiana Zakharova, specialist of the Commercial Department of BANKO Service
"How to get a maximum effect from educating via TourDom"
Here you can upload your confidential rates for tours, airline tickets, fam trips and also vacancies. There are two main ways of cooperation with TourDom's BIRZHA (online marketplace): placing one-time ads and integration.
One-time ads

In case of instant payment for 30 or more ads – $10 each;

In case of payment for 6 to 29 ads – $15 each;

In case of payment for one to five ads – $20 each.

The necessary condition for ads placement is payment of a deposit. There is a limitation of validity periods of deposits.


Before connecting to online integration you need to choose one of the rate plans:

Airline tickets integration – 150 ads a month for $350

Tours integration – 105 ads a month for $450
Terms of getting a discount for placing an ad at BIRZHA
In case of instant payment of a deposit for 30 ads or more you can place 15 ads for free. Price for integration is calculated taking into account the maximum discount.
— Best price in your segment – that's what travel agents and tourists are looking for at BIRZHA!
— Regularity of ads placement is the basis of good returns.
— Everything that can't be standardized in other booking systems - fam trips, one-way tickets, tours with non-standard accommodation, excursion programs – can be placed with us.
From Tatyana Li, Head of BIRZHA Department:
"How to use the opportunities of BIRZHA at TourDom effectively"
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Head ov Event Department
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