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Marketing instruments of media holding «BANKO» for promotion of countries and regions
Territories promotion platforms
Daily actual content for those who considers the tourism their lifework.
A news agency for the tourism professionals, working since 2000. Today it is one of the biggest professional tourist resources, also popular among experienced travelers. Every day it is visited by 20,000-25,000 unique users in average. During the turbulence times on the market the number of visitors doubles.
A respectable and stylish business magazine designed for tourism professionals, have been published for 20 years so far. One of the most known and prestigious platforms for welcoming the new companies at the market. The main content of the magazine is dedicated to the history of people in tourism, travel business companies and tourism industry itself, starting from the very beginning till today.
A respectable online magazine for travel professionals. Working since 2012, today it gets around 5,000-7,000 unique visitors a day and still actively developing. Hotline.travel is following the traditions of the print version of the magazine that was founded in 1998. The main audience of the magazine consists of top-managers and travel companies' employees as well as advanced tourists.
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Facebook– more than 28.000 followers
Vk.com – more than 18.000 followers
BIRJA TourDom.ru
Facebook – more than 3000 followers
Vk.com – больше 25.000 подписчиков
Facebook – more than 16.000 followers
Vk.com – more than 4600 followers
«Travel Presidium» community
Facebook– more than 4500 followers
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Field (or studio) photography and video shooting are available upon request. The price depends on the task and can be discussed at the Sales department.
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Do you have a difficult marketing task? We can develop for you a unique advertising campaign using all of our resources, and provide you with a personal curator for it.