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www.HotLine.travel an expert resource whose task is to supplement news content on TurDom.ru. It continues the tradition of the printed version, which has existed since 1998, and is actively developing. The main audience of the online magazine is top managers and specialists of travel companies, as well as advanced tourists.
HotLine's popularity is on the rise!
150 000
Site visitors: more than 10 000 per day, more than 150 000 per month
230 000
Page views: мore than 18 000 per day, more than 230 000 per month
18 000
Social network: мore than 32,000 subscribers in Facebook
Our formats
If you need to convey a new thought, create a breakthrough in something, talk about a new strategy, announce a new positioning - all these are opportunities on HotLine. High level articles. The strongest authors. Indicators - from 100 thousand views.
Промосайт для РК
The ecosystem of the project. These tools allow you to literally immerse visitors and partners in the project. Interactive formats and technical capabilities fully deploy RK in front of an audience.
Situational advertising, selling page, entry point to the project: helps a person make a decision about choosing / buying a product or service. The purpose of the promotion page is the same as that of a good commercial offer - to attract the visitor to complete the target action.
Branded Backing Company Blog
The permanent office of our company in the online magazine is located on the branded substrate of the company. The format of the blog is similar to the editorial diaries dedicated to any event. Publications are located on one page, and each new article is added above the previous one.
One day with "....."
Lively and informal material allows the reader to see how your company lives, what kind of people work in it, how they interact with partners. A great way to demonstrate company openness. A journalist and photographer work with you all day to prepare an article. The appearance of a company expert in this format will make him a real star!
A frank conversation with the top manager of the company on a relevant topic. Volume - up to 6 thousand characters. More than 2.5 thousand views.
Almost the ideal format in order to simply and clearly present the structure of the company, the logic of the formation of the assortment and your actions. Volume - up to 3.5 thousand characters. Over 2 thousand views.
The most suitable format for presentations, events from the life of the company. Penetration inside, creating the effect of presence. Also suitable for travel diaries. Volume - up to 3.5 thousand characters. Estimated number of views - at least 1,500.
The "team" genre format is an interview with each participant, an interesting, conceptual presentation of the material, production shooting / battles between the participants.
Tourist product
Heading formats are designed to show the merits and specifics of your product. Content is created by editorial journalists in creative collaboration with company experts. A variety of formats allows you to solve diverse marketing problems.
Contains answers to typical questions of tourists who want to visit a region / resort, or travel agents who begin work with a destination. Suitable for representing large infrastructure facilities, the visit of which requires good preparation. The information is structured in the form of cards. Some may use illustrations.
Telephone bully
An interactive game format that allows the reader to try on the role of a tourist or travel agent - at will. The topic of the article allows emphasizing the necessary aspect of promoting the direction. The dramaturgy of the material helps to identify "white spots" in the knowledge of travel agents in the direction and motivate them to study the material.
The format is intended to present an assortment of company offers within a specific budget or for a specific target audience. With the help of such an article, it is possible to show similar products of different price categories and explain what their differences are. Ideal for forming the correct perception of the pricing policy of the company.
Expert Review
The story of the territory in the first person. Allows you to give a personal expert assessment of the resort, infrastructure, as well as formulate recommendations for the sale of tours by visiting this place.
Special Projects
The format has a long successful history. Provides large targeted traffic related to tourism destinations. The average timing of a special project is 1-3 weeks. For a partner, this is an immersion in the topic, the disclosure of key market information for the target audience. For the duration of the special project, the main page and the HotLine header are branded. Support for product formats through editorials, high level of PR.
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Specialist of the Mediaholding «BANКO»:
Tatiana Makarevich
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