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Advertising opportunities
Why HotLine.travel?
www.HotLine.travel is an established online magazine for tourism professionals. It continues the traditions of the printed version published since 1998 and actively evolves. The core audience of the online magazine are top managers and specialists of travel companies and savvy tourists.
HotLine's popularity is on the rise!
+ 24%
Site visitors
24 % increase in the number of unique site visitors compared to the year 2016
Search traffic
2 times increased the number of visits to HotLine.travel from search engines
+ 25%
Social network
25% increase in the number of fans the page HotLine.travel in Facebook and Vkontakte
What publication can it be?
Advertising blocks
Short advertising publications up to 350 characters accompanied by a photo and presented as a sidebar in editorial articles. Maximum two such blocks in one article. It's the most economical way to present your tourist product to the readership of the online magazine.
Corporate blog
Permanent office of your company in the online magazine, located at the branded background of your company. The format of the blog is similar to that of editorial diaries dedicated to a particular event. The publications are uploaded to one page, every next one placed above the previous one.
Genres of the articles
Reviews from partners
Natalia Golovlenkova
For me as the leader of the company efficiency in everything is a priority. First of all, it concerns advertising and promotion. We don't aim to reach the broadest audience possible; our clients are professional managers and heads of travel agencies. HotLine.travel helps us access our immediate target audience. We use all instruments of promotion depending on the goals in mind: from publication of PR-articles in the printed version of HotLine magazine to publications at the HotLine.travel website. I would like to point out professionalism of the editorial staff and the commercial department thanks to which we produce great materials against extremely tight deadlines!
Nadezhda Naydis
Head of PR and Advertising Department, PAC GROUP
PAC GROUP collaborates with HotLine.travel from day one of the outlet's existence. We truly love the entire team of this project: amazing authors, gifted designers and considerate commercial department… Thank you for creating such an outstanding and useful outlet for the travel industry which is interesting for both advertisers and readers. We wish you to progress, create original formats and win the hearts of new visitors.
Alyona Khitrova
Deputy Head of PR Department, ANEX Tour
Our company has been working with HotLine.travel quite successfully for a long time in different directions of advertising. We regularly act as experts in news coverage, take part in special projects of HotLine.travel and, besides, place advertisements in printed editions of HotLine magazine. The most acute topics and non-standard form of material presentation in both graphic and stylistic ways make the outlet the real reflection of the inner life in tourism, backstage of the industry. I'd like to underline convenience of working with the commercial department and say thank you for promptness and client-oriented approach.
Something special
Topical special projects of www.HotLine.travel are a perfect way to show in which segments of the market your company is powerful. Your key area of activity is in the spotlight of readers' attention throughout the project.
Selecting the topic of a special project
Always at your service!
Specialists of the Mediaholding «BANКO»:
Alexey Nedorezov
Project Manager
Tatiana Makarevich
Head ov Event Department
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