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Arguments in favor of our cooperation
The number of unique visitors every day – 30 000. New visitors per day – about 10,000. And about 100 000 shows per day. It shows that the audience of is constantly renewed, so, your ads are broadcast to new groups of consumers.

Loyalty of the audience
Visit depth of the pages of the website – 2,5 pages. Visit time at the website is 3,5 minutes which is a great result keeping in mind that the average positive value for media is 2 minutes.
Quality of the audience
In 2016 has achieved the status of the trusted outlet of Yandex.News, Google.News, Rambler.News. 92% of the touristic news semantics used by gets to the top-10 of Yandex search results. The audience of the website are professionals of the travel industry and tourists, which increases efficiency of your ads manifold. As of December 2016, the TIC (thematic index of citing, important for search systems) of amounts to 2,500 points.

Work with users outside the website
In 2018 we got 60,000 users of electronic subscriptions to On average, five thousand users read electronic digests of the outlet daily. is the biggest B2B-community in the industry on Facebook and amounts to 30,000 subscribers.
A bit of history is the first web portal for the tourism business in the history of the industry in Russia. It was opened as the hospitable house for travel industry specialists back in 1997. The initial concept meant advanced navigation of the forum. It was a cipher for experts and barrier for tourists. Some original names of the site pages remained there till today: Kurilka ("smoking room"), BIRZHA (online marketplace), Registry… The most visited section of for a long time has been Kurilka forum. Now, as well as before, it gathers together the "creative class" of the tour business. In 2016 Kurilka accounted for around 30% of the total traffic.
Formats of advertising materials
The multitude of banner ads is ensured by flexibility of prices. Contracts for the key platforms are signed one year in advance.
Events announcements
Short information about campaigns and events at prestigious spots of TourDom – this format is always in demand.
Companies' news
Tried, popular and affordable way to get the information about events across to the interested audience.

Special offers at TourDom's BIRZHA (online marketplace)
Confidential rates of tour operators for travel agencies – information selected from an array of variants uploaded in the online mode. Travel agencies and tech-savvy tourists have been using it extensively for more than twelve years already.
Trainings and webinars
Educating formats for specialists
Online broadcasts at Kurilka forum
Moderated discussions on relevant topics with heads of companies
Digital pack
Placement of commercial materials is supported by the digital pack including targeted mailing lists and SMM-advertising. TourDom's Facebook group includes more than 20,000 participants, as of December 2016.
A bit of history
BIRZHA at (online marketplace) is the first aggregator of confidential rates from tourist services suppliers in the history of the travel industry. Unlike modern aggregators, BIRZHA adheres to the conception of smart selection from an array of offers. Tour operators pick SPOs for publication themselves based on their understanding of the competitive environment. Success of the concept of BIRZHA is proven by the long life of the project – it has been created by BANKO Service before the birth of the Russian Internet when a listing of tickets and package tours SPOs sorted by date was sent to users via fax (refer to Wikipedia). Now all the announcements for BIRZHA are placed online and a large part of SPOs is uploaded directly from reservation systems of tour operators and air transport consolidators. On average, BIRZHA accounts for around 25% of the traffic at TourDom.
A bit of history
One of the fastest evolving sections of is News. A professional editorial team is working on them. All important events in tourism are always covered in News section at During emergencies and accidents the number of views of the News can outreach the regular traffic a lot. For instance, when we covered the situation with grievances of Russian authorities against tour operators with "Turkish roots" a single piece of news of December 30, 2015 drew attention of almost 40 thousand people. Information about resuming sales of tours to Turkey on July 30, 2016 attracted more than 21 thousand readers. News about the airport which can welcome the first plane from Russia after resumption of flight connection with Egypt scored over 17 thousand views on August 22, 2016. On average, News section accounts for about 35% of the entire traffic.
Our secret
80% of partners – advertisers of TourDom have been working with us for many years. The secret behind our success is that we offer a comprehensive approach for promotional goals based on the customer's aims and our own professional estimation of possibilities for most effective marketing.
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Project Manager
Tatiana Makarevich
Head ov Event Department
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